Family Photos in the Snow

Family Photography, Winter in Wisconsin

Jan 8, 2021

Family photos in the snow can be intimidating! I mean, it’s cold! And you can’t move around as freely. And it’s cold. But photos from a snowy session can be SO worth it!

A young girl smiles at the camera during their family photos in the snow. She is wearing a pink dress and standing by her older sister. They stand in a snow covered field.

What makes snowy photos unique?

The colors against the white snow will pop in a way that you can’t get in any other season. Sometimes the frozen moisture in the air does BEAUTIFUL things to the lighting. Even though it’s cold- I love doing photo sessions in the snow! Most natural light photographers are fascinated by the light. I’ve been especially watchful of the last few winters. I’m fascinated by how the light interacts with the snow, the fog, and the cold air. (If you want to get REALLY nerdy, look up various cloud classifications, and then imagine how the sunlight looks coming through each type.)

My favorite time of year for family photos in the snow is late winter when the snow sticks to the trees a little longer. Plus if you’re lucky, the temps are above 35 degrees. But there is something unique and beautiful about the cold January and February days. You look up and see misty cloud cover diffusing the sunlight (that I imagine is frozen moisture in the air). It makes such beautiful and unique lighting for photos. Or days when the dry grass is sparkling like diamonds, a magical touch that can only be photographed on those rare days that the weather gifts you cold, crystal covered fields.

Family photos taken in the snow.

If you have the kids that are old enough, and stubborn enough, and curious enough to ignore the chill and count crystals in the cold or twirl in the frozen fog, I encourage you to get on someone’s calendar and capture those snowy moments! If the kids won’t tolerate the cold, grab your bestie, or significant other and sneak away to play in the snow. Take advantage of this beautiful and unique season for photos of just the two of you.

An older sister carries her baby brother through a snowy field during family photos.
A collage of photos of a family. The family is in the meadow in the snow.