I LOVE candid, play based photo sessions!  Whether you're documenting your pregnancy, updating family photos, or planning out that couples shoot you've been wishing for, add me to the invite and we'll go out and play pictures! 
I LOVE doing sessions out in the woods, high on a mountain, or even pulled over on the backroads of Wisconsin to capture a background as lovely as your LOOOOOVE! (Yep, I'm kind of cheesy too. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.)

about elizabeth


Elizabeth is a Northern Wisconsin family and maternity photographer serving Eau Claire, WI and the Chippewa Valley.

What an amazing photographer! Her sweet and funny personality made it the most pleasant photo shoot I've experienced. There were 11 people in my group and she amazed me with her ability to capture all personalities and provide such easy direction.. 

Rachel + Derek

Lavender Green


What's with the name?

My daughter’s name is Dillon- we call her Dilly. She makes me think of the Lavender’s Blue/Lavender’s Green song, which my grandma used to sing to me and my sisters when we were little.  “Lavender’s Blue, Dilly Dilly. Lavenders Green." When I chose the name I thought- isn't that what photography is for? To document the current and give us something to get all nostalgic over someday? Lavender Green makes me think of Dilly. and brings back childhood memories of dancing in Grandma's kitchen. 



Party of 5

I live in Chippewa Falls, WI, about 15 minutes from Eau Claire. I've got three amazing kiddos and an incredibly supportive husband. My kiddos are still pretty young and definitely keep me on my toes! 

The Travel Bug


I just can't get enough!

I LOVE to travel! My husband and I met in Colorado. We considered Alaska and Central California when he was applying to jobs after college. We ended up in Central California and have driven the stretch between there and Wisconsin several times. Although our trips are fewer and further between now with the kiddos in the mix, we still enjoy sneaking out in the world whenever we can. Whether our car ends up in the mountains, at an ocean, or just some local great hiking, we are happy for the ride.

Custom Book Covers


Another love in the photo realm 

Friends, I LOVE designing custom book covers! It's one of my favorite "side gigs." I get to learn more about the characters, do wardrobe/costume design, work directly with authors to get their character best represented, and put together something that represents a BOOK! (I'm kind of obsessed with books.) 

I think that what we surround ourselves with sends a message. If we have photos that express our love and our joy, we will better remember these days. These days when the kids are young and silly... These days when the kids are too cool for school.... These days when  the kids are leaving the nest soon.... These days when the kids bring the grandkids along.... Whatever "These days" look like for you I would love to be there to capture it.

my philosophy


Moments Matter.