Family Photos in Early Winter

Family Photography, Lavender Green Photography, Winter in Wisconsin

Nov 28, 2020

Who loves family photos in early winter?


Let’s face it, the weather is unpredictable, the beautiful fall leaves are gone, and the green grass from the summer is turning brown for the winter. Plus… the chance of snow.

That awkward season between beautiful fall’s beautiful colors and winter’s thick blanket of snow can be disheartening!

Late fall and early winter photos can be BEAUTIFUL for showcasing your family! What may look like nature heading into hibernation, can be a beautiful neutral backdrop. If you have your photos taken in November or early December, white of birch trees, and green pines pop! Showcasing them in a way that you don’t get in other seasons.

Also, because fewer families opt to do outdoor family photos during this season, your photos will have a unique look to them.

If your kids are young, or you don’t like the cold- of course opt for summer photos instead. But for those of you that want a unique look to your family photos that you can only get when the trees are bare- pop out and enjoy this time of year! Take a run at family photos in early winter and see what beauty can be found in this transition season.

A collage of family photos. A man and woman, and their two children, along with their daughter's boyfriend. The photos show them posing, laughing, and playing outside. The background is primarily birch trees and pine trees. The leaves have fallen off the trees and the grasses are browning.