What should I do with my hands in photos?!?

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Nov 12, 2020

Northern Wisconsin couples photo session.

In all likeliness, when you hire a photographer to take your family’s photos– they will offer you ideas of what to do with your hands during your photo session. But what about those home photos you’re taking? Or when you pass a friend your phone to snap a quick pic of you and your partner at a wedding reception? Figuring out what to do with your hands for a photo can be the thing that bumps a picture from “quick pic” to profile worthy.

If you’re close with whoever is in the photo with you- look for a natural way to put your hand on them. Throw an arm around, grasp their elbow, or grab their hand.

If that doesn’t feel natural (or if it’s your boss… AWKWARD!) tuck your hand into your pockets. (Thumb OR fingers but never the whole hand and all the fingers… trust me on that.) Put your hand on your hip. Slowly run your hand through your hair,or grab the hem of your shirt, the lapel of a jacket, or play with your jewelry. You may feel like your fidgeting, but give it a try and see how it looks! You may find that it gives your hands something to do so that they’re not just hanging at your sides.

This is also my plug for mom to wear a dress to the session! A skirt or a dress gives mom something to do with her hands. Not sure what to do with your hands? Grab that skirt. BOOM. Something to do with your hands that looks BEAUTIFUL.

Three sisters in a field. The oldest holds the baby as they all look at her.

I hope these ideas help you next time you find yourself in front of a camera, wondering, “But what should I do with my hands?!?!” Now go find someone to selfie with and give it a try!