A field full of Wishes

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May 20, 2021

Do your kids love to blow the fluff off of dandelions and make a wish? That has always been my kids’ FAVORITE summer thing to do. My kids call them wish flowers. And the first wish flower of the summer has always meant the beginning of summer wishes.

This session was initially scheduled for early in the spring. The first two dates we picked were both rescheduled due to cold and snow/rain. And I am SO GLAD. Instead of a cold, rainy shoot- we were gifted a beautiful sunset and a field full of wish flowers.

The photo above is my favorite photo of the whole session. Mom is standing there laughing while her kids run through a field full of wish flowers. Isn’t that the dream? To be able to let our kids run through a field full of wishes. To watch them choose which dreams to chase. To offer to hold their shoes so they can feel the journey more deeply.

Enjoy running barefoot through the wish flowers girls. If you keep chasing them down, I’m certain some of them will come true.

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