Newborn Film

Newborn, Video

Jul 2, 2019

Baby toes are the sweetest things, am I right?! This little one had the best hair and the BEST yawns! We added a newborn film to this photo session so that along with the hair and the headbands we could catch those tiny uncoordinated baby movements that only last a little while.

There are SO MANY things I love about newborn films and newborn photography. The sweet baby of course and the teeny tiny accessories. That fresh love that Mom and Dad have. The endless possibilities in front of that little one.

Even when Baby cries through most of the session and we only capture a hand full of snoozing portraits, there is just this peaceful vibe with newborns. Like- it’s going to be ok. This is just our beginning. Big things are yet to come.

I also really love capturing those moments in both photos and film because they really DO grow up so fast! When I shoot newborn sessions I try to schedule it when Baby is between 7 and 14 days old. They are young enough to sleep through much of their session but old enough to not be TOO squishy. 😉

Too quickly their tiny little newborn toes become not quite as tiny baby toes. And newborn films help us remember the tiny little newborn yawns and movements before they become baby movements. It all happens so fast!

It’s also a VERY busy time!
Newborns mean ALL THE THINGS!

The gear, the sleep cycles, the feedings, the diapers (OH THE DIAPERS!). Often mom and dad can get lost in all the things. When you’re knee deep in the newborn things it’s hard to look back and remember those precious moments. I really love being able to help Mom and Dad capture those moments in photos or in a newborn film.