Couples Photo Season

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May 24, 2019

Spring was a season of couples photo sessions for me! I truly love when couples take an evening for themselves and do a photo session. Although I LOVE playing with kids for family sessions, there is something I really appreciate about celebrating Mom and Dad. And I get it- it’s HARD to line up a session for just mom and dad! It means hiring a babysitter, dressing up, and usign your limited amount of free time on PHOTOS. For that reason I really try to make sessions fun. I hope to give you a chance to learn more about each other. A chance to treasure each other. And a chance for me to catch those real moments in pictures.

So often I hear, “We haven’t had photos of just the two of us since we got married!” For that reason I try to sneak a few of just the parents during family photo sessions. But the thing that I really like about having a session that is JUST the couple and no kiddos along is that we really get to target that intimate relationship that the parents have, without the sweet buzz of the kiddos. Don’t get me wrong- I love kiddo energy! But I also love to celebrate the adults that are working so hard and giving up their time and energy to raise those sweet little humans.

How have you celebrated your significant other lately? No matter what phase you’re in- freshly dating, newly engaged, happily married, wrestling little ones, or kicking the kids out of the nest- take a minute and celebrate your partner for doing life with you! Schedule a couples photo session or just tell the one you love something that you’re proud of them for. We’re all growing up so fast! Take a minute to slow down and let them know you cherish them.