Hand Made Easter Egg Dippers Tutorial

Hand Made

Mar 19, 2019

Custom Easter Egg Dippers

Easter! Who decorates eggs?  My husband is actually the one that usually instigates the egg decorating. He loves it. And the kids also usually decorate eggs at my mom’s house with their cousins. Mom usually has cookies to decorate too and the kids are off and running to play together as soon as they’ve splashed a little color and candy around.

For some reason I have never really enjoyed decorating eggs. They never turn out how I envision! I picture these perfectly dyed, super saturated beauties and they end up being mediocre pale things with muddy color wherever I’ve tried to transition from one color to the next. And since it’s  once a year thing, it’s not like I repeat it often enough to improve! Even now as a grown up, when I color eggs I feel like my skills haven’t improved much since I was a little kid.

But I do love making things! So last year when I realized we only had one egg dipper for three kids, I got out my jewelry supplies! Want to know how to make custom egg dippers?!?!?!

Here is what you’l need:

1. Jewelry wire- I like the brand Artistic Wire. I’m using 18 Ga (gauge) which is thin enough to form pretty easily but thick enough to hold an egg.  The smaller the guage number, the thicker the wire, which also means the smaller the gauge number, the bigger the hole in any beads will need to be.

2. Pliers- I picked mine up from the local hobby store. You can find them in the jewelry department. I used to have a favorite Leatherman multi-use tool that I loved for stuff like this but I lost in in a move! (sniffle sniffle. I’m still sad) If you would prefer not to go out and buy something new, any old needle nose pliers should work!

3. Second Pliers or Crimper- I’m using a Micro Crimper, but only because it was the first thing I found today. Any old second pliers should do. The second one is just to get a grip on the wire.

4. Beads- Make sure the hole is big enough to fit the wire though.  If your kids are into birthstones, you could get beads in each person’s birthstone colors. Favorite colors, Easter pastels, whatever you love!

Then click HERE for the DIY video.

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