Winter Family Video Session

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Feb 11, 2019

Today was yet another Northern Wisconsin snow day- school canceled! I kind of like snow days. I’ll take the surprise opportunity to play with my kids and do cozy things! My husband was home to watch my kiddos though and I had the morning earmarked for photography. My sister called me to ask if I wanted to come over and shoot a video since they had the day off. Of course I said YES! A winter family video session was the PERFECT snow day activity! (Plus I got to hang out with my nieces and nephews- win win!)
It was cold and actively snowing on us so we made it quick! It was totally worth the drive over and braving the cold though. I LOVE the way the video turned out. (Click HERE if you’d like a peek!)
The thing I love about adding video to a photography session is seeing the movement and the joy. It preserves a memory beyond what a photo can do. More than just a still photo of people laughing- you can see them giggling together! You can see mannerisms and activity. I LOVE family photography and I cherish the photos but there is also something really special about videos of your family together.
The fun thing about a family video session is that you get the still photos too. So you’ve got pictures on the wall to walk by daily, plus you’ve got a family video to save and watch over the years. The best of both worlds! How many times do you hear the phrase, “they grow up so quickly,” or think it to yourself? Why not capture those moments to treasure forever.
Although I loved shooting this winter family video session, I’m REALLY eager to get some video clips without the SNOW! 😉

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